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Free cougar sex dating sites

However there are also plenty of people using Tinder just for hook-ups.

As one of the most popular apps, your pool is likely to be huge and people do actually have conversations on Tinder – in our experience, it’s the app that leads to the most actual dates too.Ashley Madison is an extreme example of this male-heavy ratio.Prior to the July hack, the adulterous dating website claimed that 30% of its clients were female.Andrew Colman, professor of psychology at the University of Leicester, told Quartz that this dynamic fits with conventional gender roles, explaining: Even in these relatively progressive times it still seems to be an unspoken convention that it’s up to men to ask for a date and women to agree or refuse.That’s perhaps why women are more in the role of hunting for partners, and women play the role of waiting to be hunted.

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Sites that promote casual hook-ups and extra-marital affairs are dominated by men but, when it comes to more serious relationships, women are just as interested in online dating.

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